“China-Romania TCM Center” Officially Inaugurated

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On the morning of December 10, 2019, “China-Romania Traditional Chinese Medicine Center” jointly built by ZCMU and Vasile Goldis Western University of Romania was officially inaugurated in Arad County Hospital of Romania. President of Arad County Committee Iustin Coinca, deputy mayor of Arad City Eng. Calin Bibart, president of Arad DoctorsAssociation Dinu Zaharia, director of Health Department Jr. Constantin Catana, counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Romania Zhang Jian, secretary of CCP ZCMU committee Sun Qiuhua and other officials attended the opening ceremony.

President Iustin Coinca said the opening of the TCM centre was of historic importance to Arad County. Traditional Chinese medicine has served the health of the Chinese people for thousands of years. Now, with the help of the TCM center, Romanian people have the opportunity to enjoy the health services brought by TCM. It is believed that the development of TCM in Romania will be increasingly better.

Deputy mayor Eng. Calin Bibart said Arad was honored to be the first city in Romania to establish a TCM center. Arad Municipal Government will make every effort to provide support for the smooth operation of the TCM center.

On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Romania, counselor Zhang Jian congratulated on the official opening of the TCM center, saying that China is ready to work with other countries in the world to share the health service concept of TCM and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Secretary Sun Qiuhua said in her speech that the TCM center will provide local people with high-quality TCM medical treatment, TCM rehabilitation and health care services. ZCMU will actively support the operation of the center, promote the development of the center, and make positive contributions to the health of the Romanian people, the dissemination of TCM culture and the friendship between the Chinese and Romanian people.

After the opening ceremony, President Iustin Coinca, Secretary Sun Qiuhua, Counselor Zhang Jian and President of Vasile Goldis Western University Coralia Cotoraci jointly cut the ribbon for the TCM center.

On the afternoon of the same day, the two universities jointly held the “Seminar of TCM and Western Medicine” in Arad City Hall. Three professors from ZCMU, Cai Wanru, Xuan Lihua and Shu Qijin, gave academic reports respectively at the seminar. The two universities also jointly held “Zhejiang TCM Culture Exhibition” in Arad City Hall, which demonstrated the profound cultural heritage and distinctive advantages of TCM to the local people.

Relevant Romanian newspapers, televisions and other mainstream media reported on the event, and it has caused wide concern in Romania.



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