The Most Beautiful Countermarching TCM Doctor Li Xiao Taking His Post at Romanian TCM Center

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On December 10, 2019, “China-Romania Traditional Chinese Medicine Center” jointly built by ZCMU and Vasile Goldis Western University of Romania was officially inaugurated in Arad County Hospital of Romania. On February 2, 2020, Dr. Li Xiao, from the Department of Massage of the Third Affiliated Hospital of ZCMU, arrived in Romania as the first accredited physician, and would conduct  diagnosis and treatment for three months in the center.

Since there is no TCM in Romania, Li’s first task was to obtain a practice license from Romanian Labor Ministry and the Ministry of Education. According to the local regulations, one has to study basic knowledge of acupuncture and massage in training institutions designated by the government and pass the examination to obtain the practice license issued by the government before conducting diagnosis and treatment of acupuncture and massage in Romania. Therefore, Li went to Bucharest for a four-day training program and was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students in the training class as a TCM doctor. During the training, Li Xiao changed from a student to a teacher, teaching the students the operation of acupuncture and massage, which broadened the students’ horizon and helped them learn real TCM. As a required skill assessment, Li Xiao also carried out clinical treatment for patients with various diseases such as cervical spondylosis, scoliosis, lumbar disc herniation, periarthritis of shoulder and ankle joint sprain, and finally passed the written examination and interview with a full score of 10 points, and successfully obtained the license to practice TCM.

The TCM center opens at 10 a.m. every day. Although affected by the epidemic, many patients made appointments with Dr. Li for treatment, and the center had to take measures to restrict the number of patients. “In Romania, diseases such as cervical spondylosis and periarthritis of shoulder are mainly treated with painkillers and pain-killing injections, which bring poor results. However, TCM specializes in the treatments of these diseases, and the treatments take effect quickly. So the symptoms of patients have improved significantly.” said Dr. Li. A male patient aged more than 50 had been suffering from periarthritis of shoulder for ten years. During the ten years, he could only raise his left arm up to 90 degrees. He had been to many hospitals home and abroad for medical treatments, but none of them had a very good therapeutic effect, and his life was seriously affected. When he heard that a Chinese doctor had come to the TCM center, he immediately came to make an appointment for treatment. After one treatment with warm acupuncture and massage, he could raise his left arm up above his head to 180 degrees. The patient was amazed and seemed to have a new life. There are many more such cases, and the apparent clinical effects have made many patients call TCM “Oriental Magic”, hoping their diseases could be cured or symptoms relieved with regular TCM treatment. Small as it is, the TCM center is fully equipped with all kinds of medical equipments, including acupuncture needles, medium frequency therapeutic devices, electroacupuncture devices, cervical traction devices, infrared lamps, and moxa sticks. It is fully prepared for the Romanian people to truly feel the health benefits brought by TCM.

In recent days, as the epidemic continues to spread in many overseas countries, Romania has confirmed more than 100 cases of COVID-19, and the country has entered a state of emergency. Meanwhile, it is facing enormous challenges in epidemic prevention and control. The virus is the common enemy of mankind, and the epidemic knows no borders. Learned this situation, International Cooperation Department of ZCMU contacted domestic Chinese medicine manufacturers that would produce a batch of Chinese medicine granules donated to Romania for local people to enhance disease resistance, and Dr. Li will guide them how to take medicine at the scheduled time. Some epidemic prevention goods will be transported to Italy as well to let TCM play a unique role in epidemic prevention and control.






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